Guten Tag my friendTo Dirk & your sweet family,thank you very 烤肉much for the Sunny via the Skype, it's really what I need ARMANItoday because it rained cats and dogs in Taipei. as you 買房子said, " the world is so small, and to have friends and 土地買賣contact to all over the world is the best that human can have 開幕活動during his life. "I think it because of the Tech., Internet 房屋貸款and the most important it is our HEART.Because of the HEART 房屋出租so that we can do everything what you concerned,and put 買屋everyone together....Many thanks the good start from the warm 21世紀房屋仲介handshake from Ralf, your brother. the secret gift to Hello 裝潢Kitty Fans, Maya & Kimberly
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